rachel profile picHello, I’m Rachel!

WordPress is my jam, and I love building websites and writing copy for small businesses. You can find me volunteering with Girl Develop It Atlanta, kickboxing at the gym, and doing yoga in my living room. Lifting people and businesses to their higher potential is my calling.

In my spare time, I love working on my blog, jetting off to foreign lands, and learning languages. I speak English and French, and I am working on Hebrew and Spanish currently. (Always up for a Tandem partner in any of those languages!)

I am a recovering high school French teacher who made the leap into the tech world after I worked through several online tutorials. As a creative spirit, web design and social media marketing are what I enjoy and I use code to bring these digital artworks to life.


What I do


Words matter. I write copy for social media, and I write out social media plans that work for your business. I blog and do content marketing, as well as freelance journalism.


I believe that every person can learn if they are willing. Learning how to build a website or social media plan takes time, which is what I am here for, but if you are willing to learn, I am happy to teach. I offer one-on-one lessons and group classes for WordPress, HTML & CSS, and social media branding.


I build more than a website–I build community around your brand. With a website and social media, your brand will grow.

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