Project: Hispanic Corporate Council Website + Wireframe

I loved working on the Hispanic Corporate Council of Atlanta’s (HCCA) website! It is a non-profit cause that is near and dear to me, as it is about diversity and inclusion in the corporate workplace. It was a complete re-do of a Weebly site, which already was pretty good for a free drag and drop site, but the President of the organization wanted something a little more user friendly.

After loads of research, I started with a Wireframe, sketching it out in Adobe XD.

Then, I started coding! I downloaded a template from Bootstrapious, and hard coded what I wanted the site to look like. Then, I translated the site into a custom WordPress theme with the help of the WordPress codex and the Bootstrap to WordPress course I had taken on Udemy. 

Then, I pulled different colors through, doing the visual design aspect of the site. This was fun, because I wanted the site to be branded as a Latino organization, but also very clean and corporate to portray the right message and draw in the audience we want.

View live site at

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