Client: Olivia Adams, Actress

This site was really fun to build, as it was a completely different style and design than what I normally do. Olivia Adams, SAG-AFTRA actress based in Los Angeles, was inspired by Katy Perry’s website with her headshot as the background and then bits and pieces scrolling over it.

View live project here. The long way of building this would have been to use a scrolling Javascript plugin over the HTML file, but since Olivia wanted to be able to hand this off to her agent to add things and make changes, I worked backwards. I started with a free WordPress theme and CSS’d it until it looked the way I wanted it to. I almost felt guilty about doing this–like I wasn’t doing it from scratch or I wasn’t really¬†building it, but that’s just silly. WordPress is open source, and I made it look the way it needed to without making my life harder. Work smarter, not longer is what I learned from this!


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