Client: F&F Cleaning Services

F&F Cleaning Services did not have a web presence at all. They needed one right away because they signed up for Bank of America Merchant Services and they needed a place for their clients to pay online.

First I coded out the page using a Bootstrap starter template. Then I found photos and pulled them through Photoshop to make them a little darker so that the words would pop. Then, I wanted the “location” to have a Google Maps widget, so I made my first foray into Google APIs and created a Google Map API for the F&F Cleaning Services headquarters.

faviconAlso, what was kinda fun, was designing the favicon. I made it in Canva then pulled it through Photoshop to make it 16pxby16px and linked it at the top of my HTML.

I learned quite a bit about Google Maps, especially that they don’t take style from anything but what you write inside the div tag itself.

Finally, I integrated the Bank of America Payeezy portal on their site by creating a┬áHosted Payment page on the Payeezy portal, that way I didn’t need to write out my own form and put it on the site, I could redirect to the payment gateway and then re-direct them back to the site when the transaction is done processing. To make this necessary, you need to make sure you set up an SSL certificate for the site because, in order to process payments, your site MUST be secure.

F&F full page

View live site.

This being a rush job, and having other projects on my plate, there are some things that I am not happy with that I will change when I have a few minutes to get back to it. For one, the typography on the button does not match the typography of the rest of the site. And I wonder if I should make the footer the same color as the header? And the Google Map does something funky when it sizes down. Also, I am not too crazy about the pictures, but until some really great free ones come up, those will have to live there.

Speaking of stock photos, I was recently recommended by a friend on Instagram that I should subscribe to “Death to stock photo” and those images are really amazing! You get a free photo pack each month, and they are unique, high quality photos that you do not normally see on Pexels.

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