Project: Atlanta Commute Terminal Game for MTAP

A few months ago, I applied for the very unique Manheim Technology Apprenticeship Program, and passed the first round interviews–the behavioral interview. The program is very well know in Atlanta among self-taught developers because the program admits junior developers of various backgrounds and ages and pays them to learn how to program better. It is not for people who are writing their first line of code, but for people–like me–who have been coding on their own for a while, and need a formal structure and guidance to advance.

Once you pass the preliminary behavioral interview, they ask you to write a text-based game–simple or complex–in any language you would like. In honor of just creating the dice rolling game at the RailsGirls Workshop two weekends ago, I wrote mine in Ruby. I pulled from the Intro to Ruby Girl Develop It class I took about a year ago and the lessons from Learn Ruby the Hard Way.

I turned this in yesterday, it being due today, and I already know that there are some things that my reviewers will say. First, the code is a little messy. I didn’t store the objects into classes like I should have, but in my defense, I tried for a few hours to store them in arrays and kept hitting bugs. I opted for having a program that functioned on the client side and on time rather than a program that was written cleanly after pulling an all-nighter. The other thing is that it doesn’t show what I can do. I know the basic fundamentals of object oriented programming better than I showed on this program.

We could make a game about anything, and as I was telling my dad about this, we were sitting in traffic in Midtown. Manheim being a car company, and my dad being a road rager, joked that I should make a game about Atlanta traffic. I couldn’t think of anything funnier–especially it being the game that no one wants to play–so naturally, I went with it.

Feel free to take a look at the code here:

And if you want to play it, here are the instructions:

  1. Open your Terminal (search for it in finder)
  2. Go to the Github file: and download the “atlantacommute.rb” file to your Desktop.
  3. In your terminal, type “cd Desktop” and hit enter.
  4. Then, in your terminal, type “ruby atlantacommute.rb”
  5. The game will begin!

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