Event: Learn to Code with Ruby Workshop with RailsGirls

This weekend I had the honor of attending a free “Learn to code with Ruby” workshop at Strongbox West, organized by the fabulous Rails Girls Atlanta. We worked through this curriculum: http://docs.railsbridge.org/ruby/what_is_ruby . Check out my end project, a die-rolling-game for the terminal with multiple die with 6 sides on my Github account.

What I love about a workshop like this, is that I am surrounded by people who want me to succeed and learn as much as I can. By eliminating distractions (ie: Netflix, cats, work, ice cream in the freezer), I can focus solely on understanding the concepts of object oriented programming and working through the exercises. With my education background, I LOVED that we had assigned seats and groups, with two coaches and four student at each. And we had a Q & A box at the end where you could anonymously put in questions.

Also–the food was phenomenal! They chose Dulce Vegan for breakfast, and I had the most heavenly lavender chocolate scone, and Naan Stop for lunch, basically the best samosas in Atlanta.


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